Working with a Designer

Working with a Designer

Professional Services for Professional Results

Working with a licensed interior designer on your project opens the door to endless possibilities. Whether you are remodeling a single room or designing an entire home, interior designers provide the expertise to help you find the look you are searching for.

Using a design professional can, and should, be a good experience. It can give your home continuity, function, and beauty. And it doesn’t have to go over your budget. Working with a designer can save you money in many situations by allocating resources wisely, eliminating decorating mistakes, and increasing creative thinking about your project.

Feel free to contact any one of these buying services located at SFDC for assistance:

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Tips on working with a designer

  • Decide on a budget. Be frank about your budget limitations (everyone has them).
  • Prepare photos, color swatches and examples of pieces you like.
  • Communicate with your Designer – Listen. Talk. Listen.
  • Explain your daily rituals and habits. This can help a designer layout your furniture and accessories in a way that will suit your routine.