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Deborah Anderson-Bialis and her husband, Jake, at their new San Francisco home.

“We were starting completely from scratch,” says tech entrepreneur Deborah Anderson-Bialis, referring to the design of her 4,500-square-foot Pacific Heights residence. While she had worked with interior designers in the past, nothing came close to the scope of her family’s new home. “We wanted to furnish it, customize some elements, and make it really feel like home,” she says. Anderson-Bialis and her husband, Jake—who together founded online resource FertilityIQ in 2016—decided to partner with San Francisco interior designer Grant K. Gibson to accomplish their goal. Gibson shares that the home, a renovated Victorian with very contemporary interior architecture, needed to be tailored to the family’s lifestyle, which encompasses both caring for small children and sophisticated entertaining. “Deborah has a great eye for color and design,” says Gibson. “She came to us with fabulous inspiration images, and once we refined what we were looking for, taking her to the Design Center was fun and efficient.” The end result, he notes, is “polished and put together.”

Here, Anderson-Bialis shares her experience of shopping the SFDC.

FIRST, WAS THERE ANYTHING THAT SURPRISED YOU ABOUT SHOPPING THE DESIGN CENTER? | I was surprised, given how many choices there are, how easy it still is to select a few special pieces and fabrics that speak to you personally. I was also surprised by how opinionated I am. [Laughs] But that can be really helpful, to be able to go in and quickly have a gut reaction.

THERE ARE OVER 90 SHOWROOMS AT THE SFDC. IT WASN’T TOO OVERWHELMING? | I love it. I would rather see 500 fabric samples than five.

WHAT WAS YOUR IMPRESSION OF THE CRAFTSMANSHIP? | When you walk in, you can tell that everything is of such high quality and the materials are incredible. That’s just not something you see every day.

WHAT HAS THE PROCESS OF CREATING CUSTOM FURNISHINGS BEEN LIKE? | Being able to make something your own is such an exciting proposition—to have it exactly as you want it. Also, I think it’s easy to get bored seeing the same designs over and over again. The SFDC is like a breath of fresh air. There are different types of designs that you haven’t seen in person before or had access to.

WHAT’S BEEN THE ADVANTAGE OF SHOPPING THE SFDC? | Online resources can be helpful for so many things, but there really is no replacement for sitting in a chair or seeing and touching a piece of fabric. Going to the SFDC makes things much more efficient. It also makes it much more likely that the end result is something I’ll love.


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