• About Us

    With a process that merges Old World craftsmanship with modern woodworking technology, Sun Mountain creates extraordinary wood doors. Sun Mountain doors are available in the broadest se
    lection of designs and materials. And the company continues its founders’ legacy as master wood finishers, with a wide collection of luxurious stains and hand-applied glazes.

    Enjoy the journey to find the perfect wood door. The door that welcomes and conveys warmth, that reflects style and sophistication, that makes the house a home. Welcome to Sun Mountain—the premier maker of custom wood doors in the U.S.

  • Products Displayed

    Custom Wood Doors (Interior and Exterior), Wood Mouldings, Wood Beams, and Door Hardware.
  • Manufacturers

    Ashley Norton
    Barn Door Hardware
    Emtek Hardware Products Inc.
    Rocky Mountain Hardware
    Sun Mountain Doors