• About

    The waste I was seeing every day kept me up at night. The breaking point came when I ordered a couch from Oakland for a client in San Francisco, which was promptly sent 3000 miles to a
    distribution center in North Carolina before being shipped back to SF. I knew the sustainability steps I was making as a small design firm, although necessary, weren’t enough. And I knew the changes we needed to make as an industry had to include the larger community.

    I had been working with Leigh Ferrara, a brand strategist and content creator, on Storey Design, and we began to brainstorm ways we could engage the industry players – designers, architects, contractors, landscapers, manufacturers, and retailers–toward a radical sea change.

    We called industry experts to glean what could be done, built relationships with Recology and SF’s Department of the Environment, and began creating what is now the Good Future Design Alliance – a movement to dramatically reduce our waste, and change the way we do business. We’re new in our form, but with the wisdom and experience of the best designers, builders, and makers in the field, we’re here for the long fight toward a better future.

    -- Katie Storey, founde
  • Mission

    We’re building a nationwide movement of design and build professionals who are willing to innovate their businesses for the planet’s sake. This movement is about scale, because that
    ’s the only way to make a dent in the numbers above. The more who sign on to reduce waste, the more impact we can have.