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Small interior design firm, established for 40 years, seeks experienced bookkeeper for on-site work.

Job Summary:

Savvy computer skills (QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and Excel) a e required. Experience in furniture/remodeling/architecture or interior design industry preferred but not necessary. The ideal candidate has strong communication skills - verbal and written and works well in a small office environment.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Reconcile and balance all business accounts
  • Compile and provide monthly reports to the principal
  • Review time sheets for accuracy and process payroll through outside service
  • Prepare financials at year end to give to the CPA
  • Manage the monthly close process to produce accurate and timely financial information
  • Keep track of company assets
  • Answer procedural accounting questions accurately
  • Substantiate financial transactions with clear documentation
  • Manage vendor relations
  • Create operating budget
  • Review actuals vs. budget figures
  • Support principal in administrative and organizational tasks
  • Purchase supplies and equipment as authorized by management
  • Prepare Accounts Payable reports and pay upon approval
  • Record receipt of all payments
  • Issue budgets and spreadsheets as requested by principal
  • Prepare sales tax filings
  • Comply with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements
  • Professional attire is required
Please submit your resume to
Sam Radman at