Company Name



Sample Librarian

Job Summary:

Looking for someone who can work 25-30/hrs. per week
We are open from 9-5pm Monday -Friday

Job Responsibilities:

  • 1. To complete daily Sample Department tasks, including:
    a) Pulling samples for customers and sales staff
    b) Sorting, checking in and filing returned samples on shelves
    c) Filing new samples received from suppliers
    d) Logging sample requests
    e) Mailing phone 7/or email requests as necessary
    f) Following-up on urgent or special sample requests
    g) Answering fabric pricing questions
    h) Removing discontinued samples on a timely basis
    i) Ensuring shelves are orderly and neat
    j) Confirming that customers are registered in the computer data base.
    k) Maintaining the customer waiting area by picking up cups, etc., and putting them in the dishwasher, refilling the water pitcher & cookie platter, and running and emptying the dishwasher in the morning.
    l) Assist Outside Sales with their memo requests as needed.

    2. To complete weekly Sample Department tasks, including:
    a) Sample inventories to individual suppliers to ensure sufficient quantity of samples are available, particularly new items
    b) Restocking sample department supplies
    c) Coordinating the receipt of samples with the hanging of new wings
    d) Ordering additional memo stock of customers own material used on the sales floor
    e) Numbering sample boxes and straightening up lines not in boxes
    f) Keep adequate supplies of vendor bags, pencils, & sharpened pencils


  • Required Competencies
  •  Verbal and communication skills
     Courteous, polite, professional manner
     Fabric product knowledge
     Organization skills
     Initiative
     Attention to detail
     Computer skills/typing
     Independence
     Problem-solving/decision-making
  • Physical Requirements
  •  Being on your feet all day
     Reaching and squatting
     Lifting up to 20 pounds

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