Company Name

Ann Sacks


Sample Stock Assistant – Sales Support

Job Summary:

Provides part time (28hrs per week) operational support to the sales staff and conducts day to day tasks which make the showroom function smoothly. The primary tasks include sample stock maintenance and processing of deliveries and shipments as well as preparing sample shipments and drop offs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain Showroom Sample room and control ordering expenses to plan.
    1. Maintain sample room to ensure it is properly stocked with samples and brochures.
    2. Count samples on hand weekly to create a list of samples to order paying careful attention to showroom sample budget.
    3. Receive and check in all sample orders. Cut and mount on boards when necessary and apply labels. Put samples away in designated sample boxes.
    4. Maintain and monitor showroom samples according to audit standards. Review materials in sample bins regularly and remove those which are outdated.
    5. Prepare outgoing sample shipments and drop offs for sales staff.
    6. Put away samples returned by customers.
  • Maintain Showroom Standards
    1. Ensure door windows are clean prior to open.
    2. Wipe down countertops on all work islands prior to open
    3. Maintain kitchen
  • Execute Showroom delivery and shipping responsibly.
    1. Receive and check in all deliveries to the showroom.
    2. Pack all outgoing FedEx shipments and have ready for pickup at proper times.
    3. Receive all new product launch and weekly sample shipments.
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