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SFDC Showroom Focus on Saelger Shading

This issue of Designwire focuses on Saelger Shading, a sales and marketing company specializing in architectural window treatments and technology. Saelger Shading has been represented at the SFDC since 2016.

 We are excited to feature Karen Goelst, founder of Saelger Shading, with offices in San Francisco and New York. Karen was born and raised in the Netherlands and grew up in the window coverings business as her family launched and owned Silent Gliss — both in the Netherlands as well as in the United States.

 The family developed the Goelst brand 45 years ago and offered their proprietary drapery hardware line and patented 6200 motorized track providing unique features and benefits. Today, Karen continues to direct the import, fabrication, as well as all national sales for the Goelst brand in the US and produces a line of unique architectural roller shades with hardware designed for Lutron motorized roller shades as well as their own OXG battery operated roller shade systems. All products are fabricated in Los Angeles allowing for a quick two-week turnaround into the Bay Area.

 Saelger, founded in 2011, is proud to market their inspired architectural window treatments, unique roller shade textiles, and technology directly to the A&D community. Their offering provides all the necessary tools and resources to ensure exceptional outcomes to even the most discerning project. To learn more, visit saelger.com.



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