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Fall Art & Antiques Show: Animalia October 27 – 30

Fall Art & Antiques Show
Preview Gala, October 26
October 27 – 30


The 2016 Fall Art & Antiques Show presents this year’s theme as Animalia: Animal Imagery in Art & Antiques. The exhibition explores a fascination with the beauty and mystery of the animal kingdom, as well as its symbolism throughout the ages. The Latin word Animalis literally means “having soul,” and at the heart of all art, antiques and decorative objects is a boundless, collective soul—that of the artist, the collector, the observer and the history of the piece. We asked the SFDC showrooms for some of their best versions of “Animalia” and here is what De Sousa Hughes, Donghia, Helga Horner, and Fabricut came up with:

Chelsea Editions fd712 Dogs Chasing Butterflies

De Sousa Hughes: Chelsea Editions fd712 Dogs Chasing Butterflies


Housepets_5850_04 Henry

Donghia: Housepets_5850_04 Henry


03373 - Grey

Fabricut: 03373 – Grey


Helga Horner

Helga Horner

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