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The Weekender Collection @ Walters

SFDC Galleria, 136

The new Giati indoor/outdoor collection, Weekender, will soon be arriving at the W A L T E R S showroom! GIATI DESIGNS, INC., a recognized leader in the interior/exterior industry, has launched The Weekender Collection, a new group of high performance textiles consistent with Giati’s uncompromising quality. The new collection consists of subtle neutrals, luxurious stripes and luscious textures, designed to bring warmth and elegance to any indoor or outdoor environment.

W A L T E R S has always had a passion for wicker, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth, abaca rope and woven leather, but remain committed to finding new and different materials to present to you. Their far ranging travels contribute to their extensive offerings fabricated with a wide variety of natural and sustainable rattan, fibers and woods.

2) Blues_6353

1) Oranges_6345

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