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David Easton for Lee Jofa

Lee Jofa
Galleria 490

For David Easton, the starting point for his first outdoor collection was Turkey, and all the wonderful riches that it has to offer.  Istanbul has been a cross roads of great trading routes for centuries, and consequently melds so many wonderful design elements. For centuries, tradesmen have adapted their own sensibilities with trading partners to create a variety of goods that would sell at home and abroad, and still do today.

Easton’s collection hints at many design elements that can be found in Turkish design today and throughout history.  Updated color palettes and simplified motifs make the designs easily flow from interior to exterior spaces.  Like many designers, he finds his clients requesting fabrics that are serviceable for areas with high traffic, and thus require durable, cleanable fabrics.  As a result, this collection applies a more subdued approach to color and pattern, making it ideal for both indoors and out.

View this collection today @ Lee Jofa, Galleria 490

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LEFT SIDE IMAGE Seat and ottoman fabric: Anatolia Basket in Flax 2013101-611
Pillows: Ottoman Vine in Cinnabar 2013108-24, Izmir Ikat in Sapphire/Red 2013109-519
Vizier Stripe in Blue/Hazel 2013106-56, Fabric: Suleyman Rose in Sea 2013110-13

RIGHT SIDE IMAGE Fabric stack: Suleyman Rose in Sea 2013110-13, Tombak Woven in Bay 2013102-315
Ottoman Vine in Dove 2013108-11, Topkapi Garden in Pacific 2013104-613, Turkish Tile in Seaglass 2013111-13
Vizier Stripe in Sea/Umber 2013106-613, Bosphorus Check in Seaglass 2013105-13, Vizier Stripe in Gold/Taupe 2013106-411
Medina Chevron in Flax 2013100-16, Sultan’s Tracery in Pool 2013107-13, Bursa Check in Jade 2013103-23
Pillows: Izmir Ikat in Sapphire/Red 2013109-519, Vizier Stripe in Blue/Hazel 2013106-56
Sultan’s Tracery in Blue 2013107-5, Ottoman Vine in Cinnabar 2013108-24


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