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Groves Bros. and Owens & Perry @ HEWN

Galleria 480

Dan Addison owns both Groves Bros. and Owens & Perry. He is a CPA, although he is less active with his accounting clients since purchasing and devoting himself to both businesses. Groves Bros. was a struggling client of his and about 10 years ago he decided to purchase the company, get a crash course in fabric production and in essence saved the company from the brink of bankruptcy.  Both collections are carried in the HEWN showroom, SFDC Galleria 480.

Groves Bros. fabrics are designed and hand-printed exclusively in the company studio in Fort Worth, TX USA. All designs are based on the traditions of Venetian hand-printing and feature faithful reproductions of historical documents from the Renaissance period. Designers are encouraged to send samples to match. Groves Bros. prints on the highest quality white cotton ground cloth allowing the fabric to be suitable for upholstery, drapes, wall coverings and bedding.

Owens & Perry fabrics are hand printed on colored velvet, silk and linen also in Fort Worth, TX. Patterns include traditional damasks, transitional styles and geometrics. Custom print colors are available. The initial offering of Owens & Perry had wovens and fabric selections that were available from other manufacturers but Dan Addison and his team reinvented Owens & Perry to consist of only handcrafted printed fabrics plus the ability for designers to purchase the solid ground colors!

Priscilla Yvonne NancyGarth 1950 PL SilverMoon Bianca 1950 PL SilverMoon Charles 1970 GRS Comet


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