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Spring Designer Workshop Series: Designed To Inspire

Join Coupar Consulting and become inspired with a three-part seminar series hosted by social media savvy and internationally recognized interior designer Scot Meacham Wood.  Scot shares his trade secrets of running a successful design firm in his three-part series:  Marketing Through Partnerships, Managing the Client Experience and The Creative Process of Design.

Session 1:  Marketing through Partnerships – March 19th, 2014

You know that marketing is an integral part of design.  You also know that marketing takes a great deal of effort but with all the steps that are involved in the design process, getting out your megaphone to promote yourself can easily be put on the back burner.   What if you could share the megaphone?  Well-known designer Scot Meacham Wood will discuss the benefits of cross marketing with other businesses that speak to your aesthetic to promote one another. Learn how to tap into your connections and partner with other industry professionals to increase your outreach.

Session 2:  Managing the Client Experience – April 16th, 2014

Selling your design to a client is one thing but keeping them sold throughout the process is another.  With all that can go wrong in the design world, setting expectation levels and being able to foresee client reactions can be as important as the design itself.  In this 2-hour presentation, Scot will share how he manages the client experience by drawing from his years of experience on the retail sales floor at Ralph Lauren.  Gain insight on ways to assess unusual situations and handle client emotions based on their individual personalities, ultimately giving your clients the best experience possible.

Session 3:  The Creative Process of Design – May 21st, 2014

Get inside the creative mind of a renowned designer Scot Meacham Wood and discover his unique method of design, as he breaks down his process piece by piece.  Gain insight and acquire technique to help fuel your own creative process and learn to pitch to your clients in a way that’s cohesive, engaging and inspiring.

 Click here for the 3-part series (all 3 sessions)


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