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Donghia Introduces Stunning 2014 Spring Textile Collection: Modern Mame

Donghia, Inc
SFDC Galleria #144

America’s favorite Auntie was the inspiration for the newest collection from Donghia. Lovable, eccentric Mame inspired Donghia to take patterns with a vintage tilt and modernize them by weaving with the ever popular Sunbrella yarns or producing them as durable wallcoverings.

The leading lady’s strength, resilience, and grace were the driving forces in the creation of the Modern Mame collection. Just as Mame was never a wallflower, the new patterns in the Spring 2014 Donghia textile collection radiate with personality.

They were designed to make a statement on their own or work together to create a party that anyone would love to join!

Soiree Splendid

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