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Living the Art: Josephine Homes

Josephine Homes
SFDC Showplace 490

The elegance and value of a work of art is the result of a much sought-after alchemy: the right chromatic and stylistic match with the frame.

Josephine Homes’ exclusive Italian art collection is a wide collection of oil paintings embracing the very best schools of painting, from the sixteenth century to the impressionists and until the dawn of the twentieth century. All works of art are passionately hand-produced in Italy by Italian artists following timeless traditions.

The established capacity of Josephine Homes enables it to offer original and extensive collections with full customization capabilities, which allow architects and interior decorators to develop refined and luxurious projects.

To set up an appointment, please call 415-252-0959 or visit Josephine Homes‘ elegant showroom at Design Center Showplace, 2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 490.



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