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Bye, Shanghai . . .

Joan Davis Art Studios
SFDC Garden Court 3HA

This current collection of paintings by San Francisco artist, Joan elan Davis, has been purchased by a small museum south of Shanghai, China. Considered a famous artist in China, Davis’ work consists of colorful floral arrangements on canvas that bring on feelings of happiness and love. Flowers hold prestige and symbolism. “No one paints flowers as does Joan Davis,” says Mr. S. Yang, Museum Director.

Joan elan Davis has been featured in Shanghai magazines, Chinese Television and has had several sold out solo exhibitions in China since 2011. The Ora Collection and all of her recent floral works are currently in prestigious private and public collections throughout the world.

Over the course of her extremely successful 20 year painting career, Davis’ signature is her sense of color, her use of charcoal and mixed media on canvas. Although the style of each painting may change, the use of the floral form and an imaginative, emotional use of color remains consistent from work to work.  View these stunning masterpieces live in the SFDC Galleria atrium (101 Henry Adams St).

Inquiries: Contact Joan Davis Art Studios, 3 Henry Adams Street
Ph: 415.621.3015.

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