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A Neoclassical Jewel

Josephine Homes
SFDC Showplace #490

Incorporating superb craftsmanship and legendary innovative designs, Josephine Homes gives life to this magnificent Klismos chair that stands the test of time. Hand-made in Italy, this one-of-a-kind chair combines elegance and irrepressible passion of past with incredible lightness of modernity. Its rounded geometry along with masterful inlay techniques and exceptional top quality materials help making this chair an astonishing work of art. Here universal values of harmony and elegance find Neoclassical style is the most appropriate form of expression.

The chance to live with whimsical masterpieces, that is a promise by Josephine Homes to all those who love the truly beautiful and genuine fine furnishings. Each of Josephine Homes’ masterpieces is hand-made in Italy with the most precious materials and devoted attention to the fine details. Living spaces decorated by Josephine Homes become sights worth seeing that can not only be admired but also experienced every day.

Josephine Homes’ exquisite collections are hand-made in Italy. Their showrooms are located at the heart of prestigious San Francisco Design Center at 2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 490. Call 415-252-0959 to set up an appointment or for more information visit www.JosephineHomes.com.

Josephine Homes

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