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Fortuny Interiors: Brian Coleman Book Signing

Friday, September 21
11:00 AM
Sloan Miyasato, Showplace 200

“Fortuny – the most beautiful, timeless and unique fabrics in the world.” -Brian D. Coleman

Manufactured in Venice, Italy, textiles by Fortuny have borne the standard of quality and excellence for a hundred years. For walls, sofas, pillows, draperies, bed coverings, tablecloths, and even napkins, the art of Fortuny textiles has been decorating old world and new world homes for generations.

In Fortuny Interiors, gracious homeowners have opened their doors so we can take a peek at these fabulous designs. Through luscious photographs and vivid descriptions, we can almost feel the weave and smell the dyes. Contemporary modern condos, elegant historic homes, and metropolitan apartments all wear Fortuny in luxurious high style.  Refreshments will be served.   REGISTER HERE

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