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Villa Romo’s Kabuki Collection

De Sousa Hughes
SFDC Showplace #220

Introducing Villa Romo’s new feature collection Kabuki, launching September 2012!  Kabuki is a dramatic and elaborate collection that captures the spirit and poise of oriental landscapes and themes. 

‘Kabuki is an art form rich in showmanship.  It involves elaborately designed costumes, eye-catching make-up, outlandish wigs, and arguably most importantly, the exaggerated actions performed by the actors.’

As the name suggests, Kabuki is a dramatic and decorative collection.  This evocative range features hand drawn pagodas, fluttering butterflies and flowing painterly parasols, all printed on textured cloths.  Graphic Japanese lanterns embroidered on iridescent silk are perfectly balanced by a striped wide-width sheer, a contemporary geometric weave and a vivacious cut velvet stripe. 

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