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Big News from Maya Romanoff

Donghia, Inc.
SFDC Galleria #144

Announcing a new Summer launch, The Roger Thomas Collection for Maya Romanoff. Roger Thomas, EVP Design for Wynn Hotels, has worked closely with and been a family friend of Joyce & Maya for over a decade now. This year they finally decided to take the plunge and release a collaborative line of wallcoverings. The resulting products, Tremolo and Moon Lake, function as a beautiful balance between the fine art leanings of both Roger and Maya, and the pragmatic sensibilities of a designer who works primarily in high traffic Vegas Hotels, and the largest manufacturer of handmade wallcoverings in North America.

When Roger was presenting the line at NeoCon two weeks ago, he spoke about how he wanted these products to celebrate their own handmade-ness. They are not intended to side match, to have monolithic machine-made consistency, but to have each drop of wallcovering announce the craft that went into it. The horizontal linear patterns on both materials emphasizes texture and scales a room to feel more “human.” Both Tremolo and Moon Lake are hand-crafted in their Chicago studio.  Maya Romanoff is carried at Donghia, Inc. in the SFDC Galleria, #144.

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