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Robert Allen Reinterprets Traditional with Williamsburg Classics II


Robert Allen | Beacon Hill
SFDC Galleria #218

Robert Allen|Beacon Hill is on a roll this spring, introducing distinctive textile collections that are rich in color, pattern and style! Designers who are looking for a fresh interpretation of historic Americana will be pleased to discover Robert Allen’s new collection, Williamsburg Classics II. Inspired by the most graceful classic looks of the 18th century, this second Williamsburg collection for Robert Allen features modern colorations mixed with couture-like details. In many cases, patterns are direct reinventions of motifs popular in Colonial homes and fashions of early American society. Inspirations are as varied as Colonial dresses and lace caps, pottery and dishware and copper-plate engravings.

The Robert Allen design teams are color experts and have given the Williamsburg Classics II collection a distinctly modern, rich and saturated color palette with an Asian flair. Fabrics are expertly coordinated, providing versatile solutions for a wide range of projects. Bold colors such as citron, fuchsia, cinnabar, spicy gold and crimson have been taken directly from the fashion runways. Collection standouts include Salem Red, a chic coral red and Azalea, a saturated and intense pink hue often accented with hints of lime.



  1. We just love this new collection! The colours are so fresh and they really make traditional styles seem so young and funky. Our favourite thing about this collection is the large amount of high performance fabrics suitable for upholstery, it means the stunning fabrics can be enjoyed for even longer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you , thank you , thank you Robert Allen. I am Connecticut lady , born and raised, moved to Va. where I met my husband at UVA , a man from New Orleans. Williamsburg , colonial( historic) decorating is what I love – I am currently purchasing an Acadian home in New Orleans and am ready to decorate with your fabrics. Now could we please bring back the traditional wallpapers such as Stencil Square ??????


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