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SFDC Workshop Series

DATE: April 19, May 10 and May 31
TIME: 9:00 – 11:30 AM each of the above dates
LOCATION:  San Francisco Design Center

Do you ever walk into your office…realize your day is packed full.…get really frustrated… and wonder what ever happened? Seriously! What happened to doing the things you really love? Then maybe you sighed for a moment looked out the window and wished….wished for a day when you could stop doing all those other things, and just do what you really love while making even more money? 

Attend this workshop series and discover how to get from where you are to where you want to be and start loving what you do again!  Vicki Suiter, President & CEO of Suiter Financial Systems will show you how with her step by step process.

When you attend this hands-on workshop series you will…

  •Discover how to start doing more of what you love (Day 1)
  •Leave with a plan designed to make you more money and give you more time (Day 1)
  •Identify the key areas of focus to have the greatest impact on your business (Day 1)
  •Develop specific strategies to reach your goals from day 1 (Day 2)
  •Those things you don’t like doing? Learn how to delegate AND how you will afford it!(Day 2)
  •Create a financial road-map turning your business into the money making machine you deserve (Day 3)

Participants will have an opportunity to not just ‘sit and listen’ – this is a “hands-on, roll up your sleeves and get it done” workshop series. You will walk away with a plan that you can execute in your business right away. You will have more clarity and confidence about how to get from where you are to where you want to be. The tools and resources YOU develop will continue to benefit you long after this workshop series is over.

Space is limited to 25 students. Sign up today and start having more money, time and fun in your business – and doing what you love again!


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