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SULKY – The Art of Leather


Edelman Leather
SFDC Galleria #308

We all know that Louis Vuitton is the epitome of Luxury.  The “Epi” leather is a classic recognized world-wide without a word, just a wink.  Colors, vibrant & bold, or more traditional, are all part of Luxury.  This is defined by the quality a brand presents and the service that goes along with that. 

To keep the integrity of this sophisticated classic Edelman revitalized their warm palette of neutrals, then added a bit of art and whimsy with new modern colors. 

This texture is a staple, an icon for luxury.  A look that says “chic and glamorous.” A sophisticated classic, always and forever.

Visit Edelman Leather and get your first peek at Sulky in the SFDC Galleria #308.

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