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John McEvoy Fine Art: First Thursday Art Show & Reception


February 2, 2012
3:00 – 7:00 PM
John McEvoy Fine Art
SFDC Showplace #152

Michelle Tholen; Into Light

John McEvoy Fine Art is hosting their monthly First Thursday Art Show and Reception! They will be exhibiting the work of Michelle Tholen as well as their collection of gallery artists. Michelle Tholen is a rising young artist who paints lush landscapes, rivers and deltas throughout Northern California. Her paintings are a dreamy interplay of light, water, fog and sky. Please visit www.michelletholen.com to view more of her work.

John McEvoy Fine Art is almost finished with the new showroom renovation and have added over 200 pieces of original art as well as over 1,000 new picture frame samples. Please stop by for refreshments (we mean wine, of course) and take a look at their new space. They are thrilled to be back in the Showplace and look forward to a great year of art and design!

Kindly RSVP to info@mcevoyfineart.com

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