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Emanuel Morez at Wroolie & Company


Wroolie & Company
SFDC Galleria #215

Mazzo Floor Lamp

Emanuel Morez brings over 20 years of handcrafted furniture building experience to their new lighting line carried exclusively at Wroolie & Company, SFDC Galleria #215. The lighting fixtures are made of a multitude of resin leaves that are individually form casted & polished by hand. After creating the metal interior and stems, the artist develops the color scheme by applying the leaves one by one to the metal stems, using a combination of various leaf styles and tones.

All aspects of creation, from the seven available color schemes (Clear, Champagne, Autumn, Emerald Champagne, Ocean, Fantasy and Midnight), to the individual casting and shaping of leaf styles, join to create Chandeliers beautifully handcrafted with the personal care and craftsmanship for which Emanuel Morez is known.

These unique lighting fixtures are functional works of art, creating a perfect accent to any interior space.

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