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Simple Pleasures Trim Collection


Pindler & Pindler
SFDC Galleria #200

Pindler & Pindler is proud to introduce their fabulous new Simple Pleasures Trim Book.  Simple Pleasures Trims are classic, yet elegant decorative trims with simple designs but beautiful attention to detail in the constructions and color blending. 

Simple Pleasures Trims are gorgeous trims that combine elegance and simplicity, both in styling and in color.  Colored in traditional colorations as well as colored neutrals and warm hues, these gorgeous trims compliment any room at exceptional price points.  All styles come in nine colorways.  

To view the entire collection please visit the Pindler & Pindler showroom in the SFDC Galleria #200 or visit them at www.pindler.com.

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