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“Scot Meacham Wood is Designing for the Holidays” by Claudia Juestel


Home owners start thinking about sprucing up their homes in the months before the holidays, and often whole design projects get started this time of the year.  However, Fall at the San Francisco Design Center has generally been business as usual.  But this year has been different.  Back in early September the city’s trade center for fine furnishings held a new series of events as called “Fall Into Fabrics”, which included an afternoon with Barbara Barry, a presentation by Laurel Sprigg about the ins and outs of window treatments, and the introduction of leather master artisan Beatrice Amblard’s collaboration with the Queen of Alpaca Sandra Jordan, combining leather and fabrics in handbags and home accessories.

Most recently, in perfect time for holiday preparations, Kravet hosted an event sponsored by the San Francisco Design Center and California Home + Design magazine.  Fellow interior designer  Scot Meacham Wood, also known for his splendid blog “The Adventures of Tartan Scot”, took the audience through the entire process of preparing for a holiday party. Read more on Adeeni Design Blog…. 

About Claudia: Principal of Adeeni Design Group she has had the pleasure of living out her passions, which range from architecture, design and art, fashion and travel to cooking and entertaining.  As the architecture and design editor for SFLuxe and Reside she covers what is happening in the Bay Area and interview icons of design and arbiters of style for her series “Tea With Claudia”.

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