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Why Interior Designers Need to Know About QR Codes



Go ahead....scan the code with your code reading app and see where it takes you!

Beryn Hammil knows her stuff.  She’s not only an interior designer but a self-proclaimed chic-geek propeller hat wearing techy.  If you follow her blog, Facebook or Twitter, it’s a wonder she has the time to do anything, besides inform her followers on the latest and greatest tips and tricks of the tech world. 

One subject in particular that we feel is important for designers to learn about is a unique bar code called a QR code.  You’ve seen them before and maybe overlooked the tiny square or didn’t know (or care) what they were…well,  according to Beryn, if you haven’t already, you must start using a QR code reader app on your smartphone.

Don’t know what a QR code is?  Don’t know why you need to know how to use it?  Find out here!

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