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Introducing the Ultimate Magical Alchemy in Décor: Tailor-Made Murano Lighting & Accessories


Josephine Homes
SFDC Showplace #490 

Glass is color, light, shadow, reflection, transparency and opaqueness and the knowledge contained in ancient recipe formulas for magical Murano glass compositions are only reserved for a very fortunate few.

Thanks to the collaboration with distinguished Italian artisans, Josephine Homes is pleased to announce its brand new line of prestigious tailor-made Murano accessories and lighting objects of art that are born simply to be beautiful, and then turn into being indispensable parts of the décor. Their dedicated team is committed to satisfying your specific requests for developing décor elements that are personalized in terms of size, color and finishes. Their dedication to customization, the care in production, and the enthusiastic attention paid to clients make  Josephine Homes a precious partner in achieving that magical alchemy in your signature décor.

Have you been to Josephine Homes lately? Hand-Made in Italy. Shop the showroom located in SFDC Showplace #490.

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