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Matte & Gloss


Edelman Leather
SFDC Galleria #308

Matte & Gloss plays with extremes.  It plays with the subtle shadowing matte and gloss can create when next to each other and with how light is absorbed and reflected on surfaces.  The way that the light hits a piece of glass versus the way that light is absorbed into a piece of stone.

Drawing inspiration from the gloss that  rain makes on fresh asphalt…the contrast of a matte quilted leather against the gloss of a fur trim on a classic Chanel coat.  Imagine the impact of changing the finish on a car from the gloss that has always been known to be matte.

Edelman played with some existing textures; Suede, Cavallini and Napoli.  They added a few new unexpected twists, experimenting with the stripes through embossing various finishes – this will offer a subtle texture shift.  They added the Ostrich print on the Cavallini because they just couldn’t resist….it makes the designers smile.

This collection offers an exciting opportunity for wall panels, tone on tone upholsteries, and texture plays within interiors.

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