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Sina Pearson Honors Scandinavian Modernism with New Collection


Enid Ford Atelier
SFDC Galleria #130

Sina Pearson, award-winning textile designer/manufacturer, introduces the Scandinavian Modern collection of upholstery fabrics for Fall 2011. An homage to her Swedish heritage, the series offers three complementary patterns in a total of 32 colorways that celebrate that iconic midcentury style, while featuring up-to-the-minute high performance properties. Ideal for contract, hospitality, healthcare, residential and public spaces, Scandinavian Modern is available to design professionals nationwide, Canada and Asia.

Ms. Pearson fondly recalls the modern Scandinavian furnishings in her Pacific Northwest childhood home. Purchased in 1963 by her parents on a visit to the “old country,” the bookcases, dining buffet, teak chairs and upholstery fabrics “still look timeless today,” she says. Her new collection is inspired by the period’s textural, straightforward handwoven fabrics (the Villa pattern), and simple, bold geometric motifs (the Cut Circles pattern).

Three coordinating patterns in a total of 32 colorways, Sina created a flexible color palette, simultaneously lively and earthy, to best flatter natural wood furniture. Designers have a wealth of color options ranging from vibrant warm tones (topaz meets paprika) to naturals (copper, river rock, driftwood) and quiet neutrals (wheat, stone). Villa is a visually textured tone-on-tone pattern in a fine scale weave. Cut Circles‘ playful half-moons were developed by slicing paper dots in half and arranging them randomly; it offers graphic interest in an easy-to-use scale.

Visit Enid Ford Atelier in the SFDC Galleria #130 and take a look for yourself!

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