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Edelman Leather
SFDC Galleria #308

Purple Sunset

We call her HIPPIE COW!  A fresh, fun and flirty way to uplift the mood in any space or room.  HIPPIE COW is a tie dyed hair-on hide reminding us all of the imminent freedom of which we have the luxury to design with. 

Her hair is long and natural.  Never will one rug look like another, oh the beauty of truly being free!

“Purple Sunset” and “Wild Strawberry” make us smile, perhaps bringing a child-like innocence back.  “The Man Grey” with its hints of blues, coloring an environment outside the box .

Chic, fun, flirty, simply happy.

Hop in that VW, put on some Joplin tunes and drive over to Edelman Leather and shop the HIPPIE COW collection today!  Peace, man.

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