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Ebanista Launches Cocktail Table Collection


SFDC Galleria #425

Exciting news!  Ebanista has just launched their new cocktail table collection. To the left is a sneak preview of one of the new seven styles to come!

“The Montaigne”- Intricate hand carved base in antiqued 23K yellow gold finish with Pierre Brun limestone top is exclusively designed and made by Ebanista.

Ebanista is known for luxury and sophistication. The collection has an elegant but comfortable quality – where impeccably antiqued rugs are perfectly at home with haute rock-crystal chandeliers. Where a Spanish Colonial barqueno is back-dropped by a grandly-scaled Italian landscape. Where on a crisp white linen sette sits an 18th century tapestry pillow. Styles, eras and heritages are layered and mixed with expertly orchestrated ease.

View more here.

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