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OMG! You’ve Lost Your Smartphone or Tablet! Now What?


We thought this article might be of good use for all of you designers out there who depend on your Smartphone or iPad like it’s oxygen.  Well Beryn Hammil, our go-to for anything tech related has written a helpful article on her blog DESIGN TECH TONICS about what do when your life line goes missing (instead of rocking back and forth in a corner).

I hope you never have that heart stopping feeling that you’ve lost your smartphone or tablet device. First there’s that frantic rummaging around in the bottomless pit of your handbag, tote bag, or briefcase, or tapping on every single pocket on all your clothing. Then you stop in your tracks to recall the last time you had it. Bewildered, you stand there as if in a trance, straining your brain to remember the last moment it was in your possession. And then there’s the realization that it’s gone. Truly gone. Read more….

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