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DayGlowBrights at Edelman Leather


Edelman Leather
SFDC Galleria #308

HAPPINESS… is the bespoke collection of new brights, custom colored just for you.

Edelman’s DayGlowBrights will command your attention and say “look at me” including Neoncow colors Yellowburst, Pinkpop and Orangefizz. Drawing inspiration from the modern day neon of Olafur Elison and Dan Flavin, the graffiti art of Stephen Sprouse, as well as the trend of custom color city bikes. DayGlowBrights are the bright spot that we need right now- amidst the doldrums of a skiddish economy and the fresh daffodils that are just starting to bloom in the field.

Custom coloring is the norm at Edelman Leather. With their long standing and strong relationships with the tanneries overseas, as well as their own finishing plant in upstate New York, Edelman can CUSTOM for their clients. Any color a designer can dream – Edelman Leather can make…and quickly too. Designers have total freedom – freedom in color, texture & style.

It’s shiny, happy leather ready to excite any room from corporate to residential. Colors come and colors go, but beautiful leather ready to be custom made to the designers delight will always be a part of what makes Edelman different. So feel the happiness and PUT YOUR SUNGLASSES ON before viewing these DayGlowBrights!

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  1. Joo says:

    Hi Lynn, I like your mention of topic as it is a sublte reminder that a great deal of consideration and contemplation needs had before mending new wounds with old dressing. While Richard Edelman’s compass of principle seems pointed in the right direction, another aspect for reaching one’s destination involves distance. Those businesses that need to upgrade through implementation of different principles should probably sit this one out. The term principle does not favor varying degrees or differences in levels. You either have them or you don’t. Business that don’t have principles now should plan on staying home.

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