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Josephine Homes
SFDC Showplace #401/490

Josephine Homes‘ Summer Sale is going on now! 
Josephine Homes is the direct importer and distributor of distinctive and inspiring hand-crafted European design collections. The hallmark of Josephine Homes is its unparalleled quality and full customization services. Their exquisite Italian furniture, lighting and accessories collections are Hand-Made in Italy.

In addition to the rich product line, they offer full customization services that meet your personal needs and desires, allowing you to create a style that is truly yours alone.

Their elegant products are housed in some of the finest palaces and estates around the world. What is most striking about Josephine Homes’ collection is the symbolic value that these works of art can attribute to any room by creating a perfect harmony.  A large inventory of in-stock items is always available to fulfill your immediate needs.

Call 415-252-0959 to set up an appointment.

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