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Go Green at the SFDC this St. Paddy’s Day


Wearing your favorite green t-shirt with clovers all over wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.  What we mean is…..drum roll please….. designers can get their green on by shopping for eco-friendly product at the SFDC!

Not to sound like the green gestapo, but we think, we know the greener the better.   So before tonight’s celebration begins, come on in and thank St. P that these SFDC showrooms carry sustainable product:

Palecek, Galleria 340 Summit Furniture, Galleria 122 Witford, Galleria348 Shears & Window, Galleria 256 Dekayu, Showplace 325 ABC Decorative Rugs, Garden Court 1 HA Alexander’s Decorative Rugs, Galleria 217 GaulSearson, Ltd., 300 Endless Knot Rug Company, ShowplacE 409 Modern Fever, Galleria 442 Pasargad Rug Company, Showplace 464  Urban Mercantile, Showplace 140 Ys France, Showplace 1150 


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