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Leather Fur Rugs at Edelman Leather


Edelman Leather
Galleria #308

We tan leather. This time the leather is the hide of a cow with the fur (hair) left on. This breed of cow is without the big spotted circles as on most cow hides. These are all over beige/grey/brown/black… and when tanned in the “fur on” process, cut into rectangles and sewn together in an old HERRINGBONE pattern (Spina da Pesce), they become alive, important, dynamic. 

The natural colors of the cow have perhaps six shades of grey/taupe and, when cut into rectangles and sewn, the highlights of each color play with each other and you get a most dramatic effect.  The pattern, a Trompe L’oeil, makes the floor seem to lift.

The pattern looks like the Chrysler Building in New York. The rug is architectural and inspiring and soft under foot. This is Edelman at their best.

Image: Cavallini in the Wild, Coyote
Pattern: Herringbone

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