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Keynote Presentaion
Thursday, February 3
3:00 – 4:00 pm
Galleria Atrium

What does it really mean to be green in the interior design industry today? Is it green, for example, to purchase a product that is sustainably harvested halfway around the world even though it requires the use of fuel-guzzling ships and trucks to reach its final destination? Or, would it be greener to work with a local manufacturer? Sharing their perspectives on green design are Barry Dixon, Randall Whitehead and Alexander Julian, active members and DESIGNINGreen Leaders for the Sustainable Furnishings Association; and Susan Inglis, Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Association. Moderated by Pamela Jaccarino, Editor-in-Chief, Luxe Magazine.

a  panel of online pros tell how it’s done
Friday, February 4
10:00 – 11:00 am
Galleria Atrium

 Like it or not, the glory days of traditional marketing have given way to the website, internet marketing and social media.  Not even the protected world of interior design, with its ink-on-paper design traditionalists, is immune. In this compelling presentation,a panel of out-in-front, experienced, online marketers provide insight, answers and strategies for the rapidly evolving landscape of online marketing as it applies to the interior designer, showroom and client. In this program you will learn:

• Which online marekters are succeeding and how they are doing it
• How the availability of online information is affecting your clients’ buying behavior
• What are the “must-have” online marketing tools for the interior designer
• How online technology is altering the traditional relationship between designer and client and how the web can actually nurture client relationships.
Featuring, Jennifer Keegan, DMM, Home at Gilt Groupe, Alison Stiefel, VP of ecommerce, Gump’s, Shane Reilly, Founder of Decorati.com and moderated by Alf Nucifora, CEO, Luxury Marketing Council.

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